What is Shamanism? 

Shamanism is the ancient practice of practice of entering into an altered state of consciousness through the Shamanic Journey in order to divine healing or important information for the community. Shamanism has survived 60,000 years, which speaks to the potency of the work. The word "shaman" is rooted from the language of the Siberian Evenki people, and very roughly translates as: "to know."

Archeological evidence of shamanic cultures has been found on every continent in many cultures throughout the world, proving that shamanism is the most ancient method of healing, being over tens of thousands of years old. What is most intriguing is that there are practices and healing ceremonies from various parts of the world that are not only ancient but remarkably very similar to the core, which gives credence that a medicine person just had to dial into Spirit for the information! It behooves one not familiar to this ancient healing art to begin to ponder that it is possible to have palpable, direct communication to the same source that has been available to shamans over the centuries. There is something to be said about why shamanic healing has stood the test of time. 

Shamanism differs from other healing modalities in that in order to receive messages from Spirit, a practitioner must travel into hidden realms or dimensions working with powerful but benevolent spirits through an altered state of consciousness. This is typically done by using drums, rattles or bells, but can be any other sound method to access this state of consciousness. The shaman is the conduit between Ordinary Reality (our world) and Non-Ordinary Reality (Dimensions of Spirit), but it is actually the Helping Spirits that hold the power to heal. As a shaman serves the community, he or she is recognized as one who helps those in the community to heal. In indigenous cultures, it is the community that recognizes the shaman. In ancient times, the survival of the community rested upon the success rate of the shaman to find food sources or shelter during inclimate weather. Indeed the community depended on this information to survive. In modern times, there is a more scientific approach to this information, however shamanic healing can find answers to questions and hold the capacity to heal what science has not yet discovered.

Divination Journey
A Divination Journey is performed by the 
practitioner on behalf of a sentient being to access 
the ancient wisdom of the Helping Spirits
in order to bring guidance, direction and 
answers. Helping Spirits can also communicate through their conduit's
body or voice to divine sacred messages to a recipient through words, sound and what is traditionally called "medicine songs." These songs have a healing quality to them that can gently shift energy for the recipient.

Power Animal Retrieval
A Power Animal is a Helping Spirit that shows up in a specific animal form in order to empower us from within. Indigenous people have worked with Power Animals for thousands of years. Despite the changing times, it can be certain that we all have Power Animals assisting us, but sadly, many of us walk around not even knowing it. The immense energy of a Power Animal is akin to the concept of a guardian angel. Its presence speaks to us on a personal level, with messages resonating with our own individual energy.​ Archtypically, many are associated with meanings, however, as one delves deeper into relationship with their Power Animal, it becomes a personal confidant that cannot be defined by words. Many times, a Power Animal can assist with a particular challenge in our life, or can be a support throughout one's lifetime. Indeed, a Power Animal Retrieval can empower you in your life!

Shamanic Extraction & Cleansing Work
Looking through the shamanic lens, an intrusion is energy that does not belong and becomes "stuck" in our own energetic bodies. This occurs in eople, animals, trees, bodies of land, water or other life forms. It is energy that does not serve and can manifest through thoughtforms, words and/or actions of oneself and others. This phenomena can cause harm in the body, mind and spirit. Symptoms of intrusions can be: depression, suicidal or homocidal tendencies, anxiety, sleep disturbances, migraine headaches, acute or chronic illness, gastrointestinal issues, back, neck or any localized pain that cannot be remedied by conventional methods. Once the body is rid of what does not belong to them, their own Divine Light is allowed to shine more clearly. This can have an amazing, ripple effect on everything in one's life!

Soul Retrieval
Soul Retrieval is an ancient method of healing that indigenous people implemented immediately after a trauma because they quickly recognized soul loss as it happened before them. It was just common knowledge that during a physical or emotional trauma, the spirit would be affected too, and a healing would be done as quickly as possible. 

Today, many people inhabit their bodies with tremendous soul loss because such ancient spiritual knowledge is unfortunately not common knowledge. Soul Loss can be a result of long-standing physical, emotional and sexual abuse. It can occur as a result of rape, war, being held captive, car accidents, and early childhood trauma. Soul loss can occur to groups of people, including families and employees of a company. Soul loss can be experienced by animals, plants (including trees), bodies of water and land. Modern psychology touches on this phenomenon with the term "dissociation," but does quite explain how to remedy this. Have you ever felt like a person "took a part of you" or after something occurred a person "was never the same again"? This is the affect of soul loss.

When soul loss occurs, a part of the spirit, or Soul Essence leaves. It does this to seek safety (away from the traumatic event occurring). The Soul Essence, which is pure energy and untainted by the event, awaits for time to return. Sometimes the Soul Essence is able to return on its own, but at other times needs the sacred ceremony of a Soul Retrieval to find its way back home. Symptoms of Soul Loss can be: depression, anxiety, lack of direction, not quite "here," feeling empty, lost, and "feeling stuck" in life.

During a Soul Retrieval ceremony, the Soul Essence being retrieved is pure, divine energy that was not harmed by the traumatic event that caused it to leave. This beautiful energy may have left a child at the age four, but what is being retrieved is not the traumatized four year-old child. Rather, it is the pure Soul Essence, which is an expression of a person's spirit, that has been waiting to come home! 

Once the Soul Essence(s) have been retrieved, integration of the Essence(s) is key to making the most out of this beautiful ceremony, so make sure to celebrate the return! Soul Retrieval is the cure, but your own efforts into integrating these Soul Essences is really the healing that you have the power to do. Welcome your Soul Essences home!

Services & Ceremonies

   Shamanic Medicine 
& Animal Whispering
"Tina has a very warm and loving presence that I immediately felt upon meeting her. She was very considerate and thoughtful of my needs and she handles herself very professionally. The shamanic journey and healing were both wonderful. I felt very powerful energy coming through and also felt a great release of energy that was holding me back. I definitely will be scheduling more sessions with Tina!"

Robyn W., Portland, ME
"I have listened to my [recorded] session with Tina a few times and still weep each time. I am so deeply grateful that we had the chance to work together. Your integrity and sincerity, not to mention considerable skill, were instantly evident, which made me feel that I could be completely vulnerable and open. It's such a "load off" to talk openly about things that many others find pretty "out there."

Jolene T., Denmark, ME

Healing Ancestral Karma
Many health issues can be traced back to events and traumas going back generations. This is proven through the study of epigenetics. Through working with my Helping Spirits and the Ancestors, I am able to access the points in your family line that need to be healed. This is especially healing for post-traumatic stress response, feelings of unforgiveness, and unhealed family relationships. The results are astounding!

Land Ceremony:
Mother Earth holds much memory in her soil and in every stone. Our Ancestors knew this and respected Her. In recent years, we have bombed, blasted and dug up the Earth, drilled her for oil, created toxic waters, poisoned or tortured her sentient beings, chopped down Her trees without honoring them, carelessly built on sacred ground and have environmentally disrespected Her by polluting Her and her creatures in the process. Land Ceremony is a way to communicate to Mother Earth of our sincere and gracious love for Her, to thank Her for her infinite abundance and provide an opportunity to heal her, and to give back what we have taken. 

Ceremony can bridge a communication process between people and Land or Water Spirits and can heal land trauma effecting all present inhabitants. By doing healing around an event that caused environmental trauma, many conditions that humans experience, as well as their pets or livestock, can be alleviated. Land Spirits want to be noticed and honored. They want to communicate with humans, who have unfortunately lost this ability to be present and "listen." Land Ceremony has the capacity to enrich the growth of gardens, to "magically" assist in the healing of a tree, to release trauma from the event of building on sacred land. Amazing results can be observed by releasing environmental trauma of bodies of land and water. Through communication and honoring Land and Water Spirits, the sense of separation can be bridged with humans during this Sacred communication process. 

Clearing & Blessing Houses, Offices and Buildings 
When traumatic events occur in a building, the energy of the event can stay in an area until it is cleared by holding Ceremony. In other cases, if a person passed away due to an event that was disorientating, traumatizing, or left them with "unfinished business," he or she may not know they have passed and/or many not know how to find peace and joy in the Light. This is when what is called "psychopomping" can be especially helpful for both the spirit who is lost and also those who live in this world on personal property.

*Long-Distance healing are just as effective as an in-person healing. Contact Tina if you are not in the Maine area.