Shamanic Healing

The word "shaman" comes from the Tungus tribe in Siberia, roughly translating to "one who sees in the dark." Shamanism sees the interconnectivity in all sentient beings. People, animals and other living beings have minds, bodies, and spirits. Shamanic healing involves addressing the aspects of dis-ease through the lens of Spirit.

While healing ceremonies may differ, all shamanic practitioners will enter an altered state of consciousness in order to seek out the assistance of his/her Helping Spirits. Those Helping Spirits, with whom the practitioner has a close bond, will provide the necessary guidance to provide information and healing. The practitioner then serves as the "bridge" to bring forth that information and healing from the Spirit World to the recipient. 

Shamanic Healing can shift the root cause behind the symptoms experienced in: Depression, anxiety, PTSD, acute and chronic pain, localized and systemic pain, acute and chronic illness, emotional dysregulation, fatigue, insomnia, compulsive behaviors, neurological issues, seizures, grief over death or divorce; trauma from abuse, rape, war, auto accidents, childhood night terrors, headaches, gastrointestinal issues, and much more. 

What my Shamanic Healing Sessions are Like:

Although every session varies, I typically begin by talking with my client and learning more about what s/he would like to see shifted. I often "hear" inflections of the voice or phrases that are "charged" with what I sense is "tangled resonance" which pulls me deeper into what may need healing for the Highest Good. It is of utmost importance that clients understand that whatever is said or happens in session is held in a completely safe container and that each client is held in deep understanding, grace and unconditional love.

As the session begins, I open the directions with bells, rattles and sometimes whistling while the client lays comfortably on a massage table. Through a Diagnostic Journey, I then begin drumming to procure the direction in which my Helping Spirits show me to take in getting to the root cause of what needs healing. I come back from this journey to relay what I have been shown, and with your permission, continue the session performing the ceremonies I have been shown. With each piece of information I am shown, I always discuss this first with my client while checking in during the session for questions or for clarification needs.

It is my absolute honor that you have chosen me to assist you on your Path as I see each client as a teacher and a mirror of my own humanity - and I am humbled to show up and hold space for you.


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