About Tina D'Amore


I was a senstive child at a very early age...

I noticed that I could "hear" animals, the wind and the trees "speaking"... and it surprised me that others could not. At the age of nine, I recognized that I held healing abilities when I comforted my stepbrother, who was sick with a cough and fever. I instinctively put my hand on his back and said, "There's a lot of stuff in your lungs." He was diagnosed with pneumonia the next day and thankfully, returned to health. 

I eventually became a public school teacher working with young children. After several years in the school system, the Spirit World decided it was time for me to truly pay attention to my Path. I suffered a long, seemingly insurmountable illness in which I was confined to a wheelchair and bed bound for long periods of time. I experienced frequent seizures for years. I have survived Near-Death Experiences and feel that I am no longer the person I was before. I see how precious life is and that every moment has the potential to be a miraculous one. This is something I share with each client that comes to me for assistance. Because of my own extremely intense experiences through my personal journey, I feel especially called to assist those dealing with acute or chronic illness. Click here to read how I work with the spiritual aspects of acute and chronic illness. 

Of course, as a practitioner, I also welcome working with children. My appreciation of gifted as well as children who have been labeled with "special needs" is well-developed and runs deep. As an Empath, I honor the notion that each Little has special messages, gifts and precious Light to offer this world.

I have been trained by those who teach Core Shamanism in North America as well as those who have been trained by people from other cultures. Yet, the commonality of all shamanic societies is honoring our Ancestors and Helping Spirits as well as the Earth. As my Helping Spirits are my constant allies and teachers, I honor the many ways of holding Ceremony that is shown to me by my Helping Spirits and Ancestors.