Ancestral Wound Work


We hold our ancestor's experiences

in our DNA

As descendants of our Ancestors, we unconsciously carry their experiences in our DNA. Through the shamanic practice of healing the wounding of our Ancestors, we can then shift our own ways in which we relate to the world. For example, if an Ancestor was a victim of genocide, you may carry an unconscious paradigm of victimhood, feeling hunted, or have a mysterious fear of fire. Healing Ancestral Wounding can greatly shift this. Often, a person who is carrying the burdens of familial patterns unconsciously knows these energetics do not align with the truth of their individual soul. 

Many health issues, whether emotional, mental or physical, can be traced back to events and traumas going back generations in the family tree. This is proven through the study of epigenetics. Through working with my Helping Spirits, I am able to access the points in your family line (that may trace to surprising cultures and long ago eras!) that need to be healed. This is especially healing for chronic illness, post-traumatic stress response, feelings of unforgiveness, and unhealed family relationships. 

Our Ancestors have survived and have done so for the survival of the next generations to come - their Descendants - including YOU! The struggles and joys that they experienced are something to hold gratitude for. The long journeys on land and by ship to escape overtaken lands, war, famine, oppressive regimes were done to unearth better life for themselves and for us. This notion is humbling and something to be grateful for. 

Although they are no longer, they can be found in the whisper of the wind, the song in the bird, the light in the fire and the smile in your face. 

Our relations are not limited to our direct DNA. Look around - our Ancestors are all around us. We are connected to everything. The Native saying, "All my Relations" acknowledges this understanding. 

Camp Kieve, Nobleboro, Maine

Camp Kieve, Nobleboro, Maine