I work with large and small pets as well as livestock and exotic birds

I have had the ability to communicate with animals before I was verbal. There is something innately honoring for me when I am in an animal's presence and they excitedly offer their body for healing, rolling over or presenting a hip or leg that is sore. 

When working with animals, I will feel and see the stories the animal is conveying by seeing pictures or hearing words. Animal Whispering is a form of communication that can open the doors for a closer relationship between animal and owner. It can alleviate seizures (and cease them altogether). It can heal broken bonds, bridge clearer communication between pet and owner and can alleviate what may seem like frustrating behavior patterns such as anxiety or aggression. Animal Whispering is also helpful as your dear friend is readying to pass into the Light. Assistance is also offered to the grieving owner to make contact after a pet's passing. 

Animal Whispering can be deeply healing for an animal, who may be suffering because s/he cannot communicate with the owner to express wants and needs. Along with bringing your pet gentle healing through my hands (if the healing is in person), I facilitate a shamanic journey to speak with your pet, then perform a healing to mend the root cause of the issue. The healing energy is passed to your pet and the messages received are then conveyed to you. I often do Long-Distance Healings for many furry friends living in other areas of the country.

Sometimes, as humans, we have the false impression that we exist in a hierarchy that is far removed from our Four-Legged Friends. It is often assumed that animals do not have the capacity to feel or think. This is simply not so - it is just humans who are not listening to their wisdom. Every sentient being has consciousness. Anyone who observes a mother dog loving her pups, a whale protecting seals from orcas, or a group of elephants mourning their dead can see that this is far from the truth. It is so important to respect the innate world of animals. They have so much to wisdom teach us. Are you willing to listen? 

Working with an incredible creature:  Champ the American Paint Horse .

Working with an incredible creature: Champ the American Paint Horse.

Champ was being affected by a strange illness, a sore hind hock, and displaying some behavior that his owner described as not “typical” for him. It was clear that Champ was also being affected by the Land Spirits, Nature Spirts and some spirits that lived on the land long ago that endured significant trauma and were looking to cross over. 

The communication between Champ and I flowed and his owner and I were blown away by how receptive he was to the healing. His owner explained that he isn’t usually so relaxed with new people. I felt so honored. 

While deep in trance, I felt him putting his third eye with mine, brushing his chin whiskers against my cheek and feeling the warm breath from his nostrils pace with my own breath. Indeed, every time I was about to deliver a healing, he knew. He just knew what I was doing. I was amazed and so was his owner. 

I have worked with horses and many animals before - but this beauty blew me away. I have a full heart. I feel so blessed to have worked with such a wise creature.

Traveling to locations requires shamanic preparation for myself prior to departure, travel time, mileage ($.50/mile) and performing Ceremony, as well as any follow-up needed.