New Beginnings


Spring is always a welcome energy after such a long winter in New England! The first calls of the spring birds, the gentler air and the first signs of crocus poking through the surface soil of the Earth is such a welcome experience!

Spring is also time for the fruition of new growth coming to the surface after such a long gestational period of Winter. There is always the potential for such deep healing and transformation happening in the womb of Winter.  As Nature reflects to us that we are a part of Her, so do we uphold a sacred cycle of going within and subsequently bringing forth new growth and new beginnings. 

In my January Newsletter, I closed with this statement: 

What is the Light within you? What dreams and hopes do your soul hold? That is why you are here. To give birth to these dreams. It cannot happen by being sucked into the darkness of what you fear, but rather in what Light you are willing to plant for the Spring.

One of the biggest messages for me from Spirit in the last two months is working through fear. This does not mean denying the fear, but nodding to it and walking on the hot coals of it, despite the fear. I liken this to our own personal and collective fears as gracefully busting through the topsoil into the Light.

This experience manifested for me in the form of flying on an airplane to visit family in Florida. Over a decade ago, I had developed an irrational fear of flying that was brought on by an extremely traumatic experience. Before this incident, I did not have this fear. So, as I energetically prepared to fly for this trip and work through this body/mind fear, I power-stacked with several of my Helping Spirits and spent the entire travel day (including a layover) in shamanic trance. As I practiced this, I unexpectedly found myself seeing and sensing the world out of the eyes and senses of one Power Animal, in particular.

To my utter surprise, this practice shattered my expectations of just intending on gathering support and strength from Spirit. I found myself being able to journey in this world, called Ordinary Reality, and would see and sense an overlap or hologram of this world and the Otherworld, Non-Ordinary Reality. I also was in constant communication and conversation with this particular Power Animal in a way I had not experienced previously, despite the many years I have worked with him.

I don't share this story for any other reason other than to illustrate how working through and transforming fear (especially with the assistance of Helping Spirits!) can be so utterly profound, sparking new growth in ways we may never truly predict or understand.

This experience has changed me significantly in my day-to-day life. Although I cannot say my fear of flying has completely dissolved (yet!), I can say that stepping through this fear was the only way to experience what I needed to in order to develop an even more intimate bond with my Helping Spirits and to experience a more profound reflection of what it is to see this world through the eyes of Spirit. It also reminded me that the energy of what we fear literally shrinks as we walk through it.

New Beginnings manifest in mysterious ways! What is your biggest fear? How can you to bust through that fear and fly to even higher heights than you could have ever imagined? 

Christina D'Amore