The Magic of Manifesting


Wishing You an Abundant Summer Solstice!

Traditionally, Summer Solstice is a celebration of the longest day in the year, marking the halfway point between Winter and Summer. With the sweet appearances of fawns following their mamas, turtles laying eggs, the screeching baby birds from nests, the new growth of green leaves and smiling flowers of the season, Mother Nature shows her abundance in many ways.

Today, we might personally even celebrate the fruition of the growth and hard work we have done over the feminine Winter, the time of going within the Womb of Stillness to bring forth new creations. Summer, conversely, is associated with outward movement and focus, which is masculine.

One might say that in line with the cycles of Nature, of which we are inextricably a part of, nothing we work hard for can be manifested without being still, going within, listening to our inner GPS and aligning with our own individual truth of who we are in order to come to a place of readiness to focus, visualize and ACT! Like the new growth of Spring, in order to blossom, we also must push through our fears and blocks of topsoil in order to get into the Light of Abundance. Sometimes receiving abundance is very easy, and other times we must lovingly work through thoughts or beliefs or even physical limitations that don't align with our dreams.

When I was a child, I was given a daisy and was taught an old-fashioned practice of reciting "he loves me, he loves me not" while picking off each petal of the unlucky blossom. This concept instilled a belief in me that if I wanted something (such as a sweetheart someday) the fate of my wishes would be dictated by an unseen force within this daisy. As I grew up and began to practice shamanism, I became aware that there is an equally powerful force within me that has the capacity to co-create with the Universe and my Helping Spirits to bring my dreams into fruition.

In journey, my Helping Spirits show me that although not everything comes exactly as we envision it, we can certainly focus on feeling as if the dream is already reality. While doing this, spending time teasing apart intentions for why you wish for something to manifest as well as what emotions, beliefs or perhaps blocks come up around this dreaming are key to the birthing process of abundance. Becoming very clear with what we dream of and aligning with that futuristic force as if it is already present is a very powerful way to co-create with the Universe.

What is abundance to you? Is it a different, more passionate career? A new partner? Is it the disintegration of dis-ease and the joy of full wellness? Is it money (this is only a small part of the richness of abundance)? Is it living in the flow of your life path? Reaching deep within to pull up our suppressed dreams of "impossibility" can indeed be a difficult birthing process, but not impossible. And, if we forget to hold gratitude for what the Universe has already brought, we cannot make the broth of the Abundance Soup.

Summer Solstice is one day when we can celebrate with Nature the fullness and beauty of creation. With Gratitude, we can be thankful for these many creations and wonders, remembering that within the creations of ourselves, just about anything is possible.

With Love,


Christina D'Amore