Self-Healing is Authentic Healing


Many times in session, a client might utter the phrase, "please fix me." While I hold space and surrender to the perception and divine wisdom of my Helping Spirits to shift whatever isn't working for others, it does not dismiss the reality that one must also tend to old wounding, blocks and painful traumas that have not been processed mentally or emotionally. It's not easy work, but it is the path to authentic healing.

As a former teacher of young children, I might highlight a metaphor to illustrate the meaning behind this. When we are young children, we enter a stage occurring from ages 1-3 years of age that psychologist Erik Erickson defined as Autonomy vs. Shame/Doubt. This is the "me do it" stage, which is integral to building a sense of independence, personal power and self-confidence. If the child is denied this stage, he or she may begin to doubt his/her own capabilities and this can create a sense of shame. He or she may never find the confidence to take on challenges later in life without feeling a sense of inadequacy and powerlessness.

As adults working through challenges, a certain ownership arrives to us when we are able to take account of our situation and use focus and determination to work through the tough stuff. Looking through the shamanic lens, owning our power can be incredibly shifting and rewarding. When we work through deep fears, we gain a better sense of our own capacity to "walk through fire." This gives us a certain unsaid understanding of who we are and what we have the capacity to do.

At times, the Universe can throw curve balls at us, like a tough-love teacher who knows what we are truly made of, even when we ourselves cannot see it. Handing this crucial task off for someone else to "fix" is not what the Universe indends. Unfortunately in this culture, we are frequently not given adequate tools to be able to process deep pain, grief or incredibly challenging life experiences that can turn our world upside down. However, the path of authentic healing is to take account of the situation, to allow all emotions and thoughts to surface in a healthy process and then to assess what can be done about the challenges before you. Seeking out some form of therapy, support group, addiction assistance may very well be a way to work through the muck that is stagnating the unfolding of the metaphorical lotus within.

As a shamanic practitioner, it is my job to hold space for you and your connection to your own Helping Spirits. It is my job to perform healing ceremonies in session that can potentially help shift your life. It is my job to assist you in accessing your own inner power and to encourage you to radiate the true vibration that you are. But it is not my job to find these things for you. It is not my job to do the work that the Universe is delivering to you, personally. It is for you to find your way, using new skills that assist you in the process, that best empower you through whatever you need to heal. Shamanic healing and/or learning how to perform a shamanic journey may be a part of that process. Whatever way assists you is your way and can never be taken from you.

Every individual has his or her own path. It is in owning that path and making medicine out of what is not working for you that is at the heart of shifting your path. I am here to hold you and show you the glorious light you are in times of darkness, but any ethical practitioner will tell you that is your job to find that bright light and power you already hold within.

Here’s to finding your own power and shining it!

Christina D'Amore