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Bridging the World of the Little People

  • Spiritual Renaisance Center 884 Broadway, Ste. 12 South Portland, ME, 04106 United States (map)
The Wee Folk are Walking Among Us

The Wee Folk are Walking Among Us



Have you ever walked into the woods felt the ancient magic of the land? Perhaps even had this eerie feeling that you were being watched?

The Little People are recognized in myths and stories from almost every culture - the Fae, gnomes, mermaids, pixies, kontomble, brownies, leprechauns, Little Folk, nature spirits, devas, sprites, wights, tomte, for starters. So many names exist and have existed for eons to describe these Beings. The Little People are ancient, wise, powerful and serve as Stewards of the Earth. They have messages that are profound and teachings that will connect you back to your own natural rhythm. 

At this point in Mother Earth's time, most humans have forgotten the Little People - and are looking to reconnect with the race of humans. Part of their message is that they ARE REAL, and they wish to be honored and listened to. We live disconnected from the Earth and as such, disconected with ourselves and others. We have forgotten the old ways of listening, respecting and living in ways that are harmonious to the Mother and these magnificent Beings. They can serve as an access point to deep joy, play and manifestation - of living in a way that is more aligned with Self, others and the Mother. 

Come join us for a day of shamanic journeying to the Middle World where we will fully connect and engage in conversation with the Wise Ones. We will connect with our own Nature Spirit Teachers and create sacred art that will serve as your sacred connection and access point to the Little People and will encourage you to continue your practice in your daily life. 

* Prerequisite: You must have previous experience in shamanic journeying.*

A list of items to bring will be emailed to attendees a week before the workshop.

Refunds are given up to 7 days before this event. 

Saturday, November 17th 10-4pm - $99

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