Curse Unraveling


yes, curses can happen!

Curses can cause lots of drama. They can be the root cause of relationship problems, financial issues, and health issues, for example. Curses are energetic matrixes that have powerful intentions and are propelled by the life-force energy or fuel that created them. The fuel in which the curse was once created is the binding agent that holds the curse. Curses can perpetuate beliefs and paradigms that can be difficult to move out of. However, once the fuel (anger, jealousy, hatred, passion) is shifted and the healing of the intention behind it is unraveled, the power behind the curse is dissolved. 

Curses can affect individuals, families, ancestry and societies. One example of a familial curse is poverty. An example of a societal curse is the curse of the patriarchy. 

Curses can be intentional and unintentional. Unintentional curses can be set into motion by an off-hand remark, such as "I forbid you.." or "you will never be successful at..." Emotion is the fuel for these curses.  

Intentional curses are typically created by those wishing to do harm, who then use the energy of the recipient and/or bind it to a spirit for additional power. For example, in an intentional curse, a spirit can be tricked and bound to enhance the power of the curse until it is freed. Often, intentional curses are been made in past lives by those who practiced the healing arts in a more malevolent method.

In Curse Unraveling, the fuel behind the intention is transmuted and the intention, whether unintentional or intentional, is unraveled and healed. This frees up any blocks that were previously serving as an obstacle in the area that the curse was affecting.