Land Ceremony


the earth is a living being

Mother Earth holds much memory in her soil and in every stone. Our Ancestors knew this and respected Her. In recent years, we have bombed, blasted and dug up the Earth, drilled her for oil, created toxic waters, poisoned or tortured Her sentient beings, chopped down Her trees without honoring them, and have carelessly built on sacred ground. Land Ceremony is a way to communicate to Mother Earth and the Land Spirits of our sincere and gracious love, to thank them for their infinite gifts to us and provide an opportunity to give back what we have taken. 

Land Ceremony can bridge a communication process between people and Land Spirits or Water Spirits as well as Nature Spirits. Ceremony can heal land trauma effecting all present inhabitants. By doing healing around an event that caused environmental trauma, many negative occurrences that may involve humans, as well as pets or livestock, can be alleviated. Land Spirits want to be honored. Nature Spirits want to be acknowledged. They want to communicate with humans, who have unfortunately lost this ability to be present and "listen."

Land Ceremony has the capacity to enrich the growth of gardens, to magically assist in the healing of a tree, to release trauma from the event of building on sacred land. Amazing results can be observed by releasing environmental trauma of bodies of land and water. Through communication and honoring Land and Water Spirits, the sense of separation can be bridged with humans during this sacred communication process.