Distance Healing 


long distance healing

Healing sessions can be done remotely for clients who are not in the area, cannot make an office appointment due to scheduling or are too ill for travel. Spirit does not recognize time or space so this type of session is just as beneficial and effective as when performed in-person. Animals and children as well as adults have been positively affected by a Long Distance Healing session. I ask clients to carve out 90 minutes to allow for the session to come to full completion.

My sessions include time preparing for the session, the shamanic healing ceremony itself via Skype or phone as well as a follow-up conversation via email or text. Payments are accepted through PayPal, which is highly secure, and must to be received 72 hours before the session takes place, or the session time is given to another client.


Long Distance sessions are $160.00 for 90 minutes

Payment must be received 72 hours prior to the session