Power Animal Retrieval




What is your Power animal?

A Power Animal is a Helping Spirit that shows up in a specific animal form in order to empower us from within. Indigenous people have worked with Power Animals for thousands of years. Despite changing times, it can be certain that we all have Power Animals assisting us. Sadly, many of us walk around not even knowing it. The immense energy of a Power Animal is akin to the concept of a guardian angel. Its presence speaks to us on a deeply personal level with messages and teachings that resonate with our own individual energy. Archtypically, many "totems" are associated with meanings, however, as one delves deeper into relationship with their Power Animal through the experience of a shamanic journey, it becomes a personal confidant that cannot be limited by archetypical definition. Many times, a Power Animal can assist with a particular challenge in our life, or can be a support throughout one's lifetime.

Through the development of human civilizations, humans have sought power. The power to defeat enemies, a rival tribe or clan, power to overcome a challenge. Yet what is power? Is it what we have been taught? How are others in your life using their power? And more importantly, how are YOU using yours? Often, we tend to "give away" our power to others in various ways. 

Indeed, a Power Animal Retrieval can greatly empower you in your life!