What is Dis-ease?

Looking at Illness through the Shamanic Lens

 "Lyme disease" ©2014 by Tina D'Amore

"Lyme disease" ©2014 by Tina D'Amore


The Spiritual causes of dis-ease

In shamanism, the space of the etheric is where all physicality is manifested. Traditionally, illness is seen in shamanism as a manifestation of spiritual, emotional and mental energies manifesting in the physical plane. With a certain perception, an illness can serve to be a great teacher. Paying attention to what it may be teaching you is the key to unlock your journey back to full health. 

In my own personal journey, I was challenged by a severe physical illness that left me bed bound, mobilizing by a wheelchair and fully dependent on others. I suffered from daily seizures and several Near Death Experiences. In my quest to reclaim my physical, mental and emotional health, I have learned that dis-ease is a state of being, and that it is entirely possible to recover from an experience that appears as if it would be impossible to do so. 

 It is now my honor and pleasure to be able to serve others who suffer from seemingly insurmountable illness. You are more than you THINK you are! Outside of the small confines of the mind, everything is possible. You are Divine. A part of the Tapestry of All that Is. 

Shamanic healing sessions have the capacity to gradually shift your relationship to your dis-ease in a way that is true for you. As you gradually heal and progress back to wellness - aligned and centered, your frequency changes. In turn, you cease to be the container for the frequency of the illness. Through my own journey, I found the practice of Transmutation and Sound Healing an integral part of healing from my illness. 

 The root causes of dis-ease can be from any combination or all of the following:

Loss of Power

Through the development of human civilizations, humans have sought power. The power to defeat enemies, a rival tribe or clan, power to overcome a challenge. Yet what is power? Is it what we have been taught? How are others in your life using their power? And more importantly, how are YOU using yours?

As a shamanic practitioner and teacher, my training and personal journey has lent a deeper understanding of what power means. Personal power has less to do with “overpowering” and more to do with “empowering.” It is an inner flame that will not go out simply because of external circumstances. In fact, this power is to be utilized to overcome these circumstances. Often, we tend to "give away" our power to others in various ways. In terms of illness, we can give away our power to doctors or others in positions of authority, while dismissing the quiet voice within that knows exactly what we need for healing. 

There is a very common, yet beautiful, ceremony called Power Animal Retrieval, in which the purpose and intention is to bring back to a recipient an energy in the form of Power Animal in order to recover lost power. Looking through the shamanic lens, our Power Animals are actually volunteering to be of assistance to us when we need to tap into that support. This support is available 24/7. What an amazing source of support! 

Spiritual intrusions

An intrusion is energy that becomes stuck in a body that does not serve. The source can be external or internal. This occurrence can happen to any sentient being, including trees and land. Harsh words spoken, misaligned intentions or thoughts can "land" in the energetic bodies and stay. Symptoms may include localized or chronic pain, gastrointestinal issues, migraines, back or neck pain among others.

The ceremony needed to remove energy that does not serve is Extraction Ceremony.

Soul loss

Soul loss can be the result of a traumatic experience, or many of them. These traumatic experiences can be so jolting to our being that a part of ourselves, what is called a Soul Essence, leaves to seek safety from that event. The Soul Essence that leaves can return when it is ready, or awaits a time to return. The deeply sacred ceremony of Soul Retrieval opens this opportunity up for the Soul Essence(s) to return. Deeply moving and shifting, this ceremony brings parts of ourselves back, shifting our lives into greater expansiveness and wholeness. 

ancestral karma

As descendants of our Ancestors, we unconsciously carry their experiences in our DNA. The phenomena of epigenetics gives us a deeper understanding of this. Through the practice of shifting the experiences of our Ancestors, we can then shift our own ways in which we relate to the world. For example, if an Ancestor was a victim of genocide, you may carry an unconscious paradigm of victimhood, feeling hunted, or have a mysterious fear of fire. Healing Ancestral Karma can greatly shift this. Often, an ill person is also a sensitive person who is carrying the burdens of familial patterns that do not align with the truth of their soul. 

curse Unraveling

Believe it or not, curses do exist! They can greatly impact our quality of life, including our financial situation, relationship patterns, "luck" in life, and also our health. Curses can be created consciously and unconsciously, by ourselves and others, in our present lives and in past lives. Curse Unraveling can release others in deep forgiveness and grace. It has the capacity to shift the energetics of the original intention behind the curse and of corresponding present circumstances that might seem insurmountable. 

Spirit Possession

Contrary to Hollywood cinematic interpretations, incurring a possession usually does not appear as dramatic as some movies portray. However, looking through the lens of shamanism, it can occur. Symptoms of a possessing being can range from emotional liability, frequent mood swings, feeling out of one's body, dissociated, intrusive thoughts, nightmares and suicidal ideations, as well as ongoing health issues. Other symptoms are supernatural or unexplained activity such as misplaced items or inanimate objects moving. Illness of all forms can be compounded by one or more possessing beings. 

In any case, the only true way to know is by contacting a practitioner trained in this phenomena. 

Compassionate Depossession is a process where the practitioner assists all involved to remember the Divinity within.


A Wound is a particular block in your life, usually created by a series of experiences that in turn create patterns standing in our way to living life to the fullest. Wounds can be ancestral or created in early childhood. Wounds can also be formed from previous lives.