Shamanic Extraction & Cleansing


Clearing intrusions

Looking through the shamanic lens, an intrusion is energy that does not belong and becomes "stuck" in our own energetic bodies. This occurs in people, animals, trees, bodies of land, water or other life forms. It is energy that does not serve and can manifest through thoughtforms, words and/or actions of oneself and others.

This phenomena can cause harm in the body, mind and spirit. Symptoms of intrusions can be: depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, migraine headaches, acute or chronic illness, gastrointestinal issues, back, neck or any localized pain that cannot be remedied by conventional methods. Energy that doesn't serve can also be found in the body, our homes or places of work.

Techniques utilized ensure that once removed, the energy is neutralized and brought to another dimension so it will no longer affect you. 

Clients often report: Localized pain miraculously reduces in intensity or can completely cease. Feeling “lighter” like a weight has been “lifted.”