Soul Retrieval


welcome home

Soul Retrieval is an ancient method of healing that indigenous people implemented immediately after a trauma because they quickly recognized soul loss as it happened before them. It was just common knowledge that during a physical or emotional trauma, the spirit would be affected too, and a healing would be done as quickly as possible. 

Today, many people inhabit their bodies with tremendous soul loss because such ancient spiritual knowledge is unfortunately not common knowledge. Soul Loss can be a result of long-standing physical, emotional and sexual abuse. It can occur as a result of rape, war, being held captive, car accidents, and early childhood trauma. It can be a result of a sudden death of a close loved one. 

Soul loss can occur to groups of people, including families and employees of a company. Soul loss can be experienced by animals, plants (including trees), bodies of water and land. Modern psychology touches on this phenomenon with the term "dissociation," but does quite explain how to remedy this. Have you ever felt like a person "took a part of you" or after something occurred a person "was never the same again"? This is the language of soul loss.

When soul loss occurs, a part of the spirit, or Soul Essence leaves. It does this to seek safety. The Soul Essence, then, awaits for time to return. Sometimes the Soul Essence is able to return on its own, but at other times needs the sacred Ceremony of a Soul Retrieval to find its way back Home - which is you. Symptoms of Soul Loss can be: depression, anxiety, lack of direction, not quite "here," feeling empty, lost, suicidal or generally "feeling stuck" in life.

During a Soul Retrieval ceremony, the Soul Essence being retrieved is pure, divine energy that was not harmed by the traumatic event that caused it to leave. This beautiful energy may have left a child at the age four, but what is being retrieved is not the traumatized four year-old child. Rather, it is the pure Soul Essence, which is an expression of a person's spirit, that has been waiting to come Home! 

Once the Soul Essence(s) have been retrieved, integration of the Essence(s) is key to making the most out of this beautiful ceremony, so make sure to celebrate the return! Soul Retrieval is the cure, but your own efforts into integrating these Soul Essences is really the healing that you have the power to do.

Welcome your Soul Essences Home!