Transfiguration is an ancient esoteric practice used to connect to high vibrational energy and ground it on Earth in order to transmute heavier energy that does not serve. Through years of personal experience which brought me through a severe illness, and now as a certified Sound Healer, I dovetail my shamanic training to connect with the Divine Frequencies and Vibrations of my Helping Spirits to tone their sounds and Medicine Songs and what they call "Word Medicine." This is akin to channeling, but in a vibrationally safer manner. Word Medicine is used during a healing through prayer or song, or messages. At times, I am led to bring forth messages by automatic writing. The pure energy and higher vibration that is brought forth is then available for others absorb. Sound Healing Therapy can realign living cells as it activates the Original DNA Blueprint that can delete dis-ease and suffering. As Sound Healing bypasses the thinking mind, it brings about a balance in the variety of systems of the body, brain and spirit. 

It is through this specific work, I become the "translator" as my Helping Spirits come forth to shift energy. I am humbled and honored to be a part of this process. 

Although this is not supported by the FDA, there are many scientific studies proving this phenomenon. One study is the Maharishi Effect.