Compassionate Depossession


the divine exists in all

Contrary to Hollywood cinematic interpretations, incurring a possession usually does not appear as dramatic as some movies portray. However, looking through the shamanic lens, it can occur. Symptoms of a possessing being can range from emotional liability, unfounded rage, frequent mood swings, feeling out of one's body, dissociation, intrusive thoughts, nightmares and suicidal ideations, as well as ongoing health issues. Other symptoms are supernatural or unexplained activity such as misplaced items or inanimate objects moving. Illness of all forms can be compounded by one or more possessing beings. Often, these beings are drawn to us through mirrored wounds that create a connection and attachment.

In any case, the only true way to know is by contacting a practitioner trained in this phenomena. 

It's important to keep in mind that possessing beings, like most of us here on this plane, are suffering. Compassion for their experiences is tantamount. In a traditional "exorcism" the practitioner engages in force and violent removal of the being. This creates more trauma and suffering for the being and a continuing ripple-effect of negative beliefs and negative emotions. A possessing being is already lost and is suffering and will not find healing or resolution through a non-compassionate method. It is also traumatizing for the person who is being depossesed. To inflict further trauma or soul loss for any being is unethical. 

In Compassionate Depossession, there is no force used. The only powers utilized are the infinite forces of deep understanding, grace, forgiveness and Unconditional Love. Many beings who find themselves attached to humans are not truly intending harm. In fact, some do not know they have even passed. Other beings can hold more malignant intentions. Whatever the case, Compassionate Depossession creates a window of deep forgiveness and freedom to go Home, rather than judgement.

Compassionate Depossession is a process where all involved are encouraged to remember the Divinity within.