Dear Tina,

I want to share with you how I feel after the healing session. My being is more aware, sights are clearer, smells are stronger. I feel a radiating of wellness and shimmering coming from my solar plexus. I feel more grounded to Mother Earth. In all, I feel well and free.  Thank you,”  

~  Alex Vise, Boothbay Harbor, ME


"I went into my session with Tina having no expectations. I believed in her practice and truly believe I was meant to meet her for this reason. I was blown away during, after and currently by her. Tina was able to be the bridge to my loved ones! As she communicated with them, it was if they were talking themselves (accents, words they would say and inflections!). I knew instantly that she has an amazing gift. I was so honored to be in her presence. As Tina performed various healing ceremonies on my behalf, it was as if someone was showing her what someone was trying to show me all along. Leaving our session, I felt lighter, as if I was "washed clean" of all my worries and filled back up with so much love! I feel so connected to Tina through this experience and I strongly recommend not going another day in your life without meeting her. I'm forever grateful!”

~ Kate Lewis, Boothbay Harbor, ME


“Dear Tina, 

I have never felt so peaceful with my life. This has helped me like never before to know and follow my true path. The most recent healing Tina performed was the result of me witnessing vast and utter destruction and pollution of a special hiking area I visited. I was so shocked that part of my soul left me and I was depressed, agitated and just at a loss. After several days, I reached out to Tina and she was able to connect and assess the situation, retrieve my soul part {essence} and help me see the bigger picture. This helped me to get back on my path and to take action to try to rectify the situation. After the healing, I was strong, determined and at peace. I was able to return to the devastated area the next day to perform a healing ceremony for Nature and also to document this for the EPA, who are now investigating the matter. I am able to view all the things happening in the world now from a different perspective. Instead of feeling hopeless and depressed, I can see how things that are happening are all working towards change for the better. I am able to focus on MY path instead of going in so many different directions. I feel more aligned with spirit and have a higher vibration now.

Thank you so much for helping me in so many ways.  My soul is so happy and at ease now. I’ll be reading and rereading the session synopsis you emailed me. PROFOUND is what it is. I honor you, I honor Spirit, I honor my Helping Spirits and I honor nature. It’s all Love.”

With deep appreciation, 

~ Julie W., Rutland, MA



Thank you so much for the incredible experience I had with you. I’m still processing so much of it and am so happy that I saw you and had this experience. It was like nothing else I've ever done and I do feel different, in a really good way. After I left you I was feeling so high and full of life and energy, but then later that afternoon I got really tired and really sad. I felt sad as a sense of loss, and I can only attribute it to the letting go of my ex boyfriend's soul {soul stealing from a past relationship}. It wasn’t sad in a bad way, maybe more grief? The sadness went on for two days, but then on the third day something shifted instead {inside} of me and I felt renewed with strength, energy, and WHOLENESS that I haven't felt in a really long time. This feeling of strength and in some ways, just letting go and not caring so much about things, has really been freeing for me. To stop the worry of is this the right thing to do, what other people will think, and so on, and just going with my instincts and that feels good so I’m harnessing this energy to spur me forward.

I really appreciated all the aspect of Spirits and how everything has a soul. I was at the beach the other day, looking at all the rocks and thinking they’ve been here for hundreds, thousands, millions of years so of course they such powerful and wise energy. I've tried to be more mindful of this as I go through my life - noticing the flowers, the trees and pausing to be present and absorb their energy for connection. This shift of perspective has always helped me stay more connected to my inner self and because of this I’ve tapped into a higher vibration. Powerful!

For the first week or so I was processing so much that I wasn't harnessing the {energy of my} power animal. But I'm starting to incorporate her more into my daily life and consciousness. I like knowing she's there. :) THANK YOU! Thank you so much for being my guide and healer with this experience. I've talked with friends about it, and I must say that it's hard to describe because if you haven't done if before it's very abstract. I can’t describe so much what was talked about, but {the} more the feelings that emerged, the visions, and the sounds. The sounds!! So powerful. I think I told you but at one point I felt like my sternum was opening up (not in a painful way) and that my inner being and self was pushing through my body and blooming like a huge flower outside of my body. That was probably the most memorial piece of the experience that I can describe. So thank you again for your generosity and energy."

With immense gratitude and respect,

~ Anonymous, Portland, ME



I felt very tired after the healing, but the intense feelings of spinning and internal anger that I came in with, very noticeably subsided and I have felt more like myself ever since. It was like that angry little girl had taken over in my body and somehow this experience soothed and acknowledged her. Though I didn't say so at the time, many of the things you shared were very relevant. I know that the celebration of my father's life on Saturday would have been a far different experience if I had not seen you before that. It feels good to be back in my own space and with my family in Montana. I enjoyed a nice hike with our dog on Sunday morning… and though I'm not much of a "scream from the mountain tops" kind of woman, I do find peace, perspective and the ability to let go of the negative energy there.

This one by Muir came to mind on my walk:

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will

flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their

own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will

drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn.”

~ Jori B., Montana



I am feeling like energy is moving again, hard stagnant/malignant energy blockages are dissolving due to long-term-resonance action. Thank you! I am still experiencing some symptoms but I can tell they are abating, the tide is changing, so to speak. I am still sick with the flu/sinus infection, but this is good, I can tell my body is purging itself. Been working with moringa more, I can feel it assisting in the deep nourishing my body has been craving. My dreams have become more active, slightly chaotic and disjointed, but that is normal for me, also I can tell it is a direct result of energy flowing again… Like psychic lymph. I feel I have a lot of learning to catch up on. Been befriending more trees around here, oaks mostly :)

~ Elijah K., Bowdoinham, Maine


"Dear Tina,

When I have a powerful experience like I most certainly did with you, I have to go inward to process before I can externalize anything. This healing has been extremely helpful. I shared what I learned from your healing with my PCP and we are going in a different direction....using that alternative lens we talked about. Tina you have a gift. I feel very fortunate to have benefitted from it . I am going to follow through on some medical recommendations....continue to feel the integration of some parts... and then reconnect with you. "

Blessings and peace be with you, 

~ Anonymous, Maine


"My heart feels full of gratitude for Tina’s profoundly healing work."

Larissa J., Vancouver, BC Canada


"Tina's compassion and competence make her a great healer. She is dedicated, professional, and absolutely lovely. You will feel comfortable in her capable and experienced hands. She does a great job explaining things and is very responsive. We had a great experience with her!"

Michelle Thompson, Ellsworth, ME


"As a shamanic practitioner myself, Tina D'Amore at 3 Crows Healing is the person I go to when I need help. Tina is a truly gifted healer who has helped me with a chronic physical issue and helped me understand my mind, body and spirit at a deeper level. I cannot recommend her enough."

John Moore, New Gloucester, Maine


"As a medium myself I feel her energy from here, God Bless."

Linda D., New York


"I cannot recommend Three Crows Healing enough. Tina is an amazing and authentic healer and guide."

Katie Harrigan, Maine


"Tina is an amazing healer and Shaman. Her level of care and attention is second to none."

Lorelei Greenwood-Jones, Maine