What to Expect in a Session


Healing Sessions

All my sessions vary with each client and the energies each soul needs at the time.  Sometimes people need to be infused with Divine frequencies and other times a peeling away of what is not needed is best - or both. However, I follow a basic skeleton of structure to hold the container in which Spirit leads the ceremonies.

I begin by stating that whatever is expressed in session is held in absolute safety and ultimate confidence, with an absolute non-judgment. I honor all clients' struggles and joys and it is my duty to hold you in whatever space in which you show up. The work I do embraces Light but does not fear Shadow, and it is my belief that exposing the Shadow with the Light of Compassion and Love is the most healing overture that can occur. 

I ask clients to make a vocal statement indicating what they would like shifted or what the root intention is for the session. Saying it aloud is a prayer to the Ancestors and Helping Spirits. I then begin by using sound to smooth out frayed nervous systems, which allows you to open up to the work. Drums, bells, rattles and Tibetan bowls are my favorite tools, as well as voice. Sometimes, with permission, I run energy through my hands.

I then use the drum or rattle to do a Diagnostic Journey on your behalf. I ask my Helping Spirits, "What healing does s/he need at this time?" This varies each time a client returns for following sessions. I am then shown by my Helping Spirits the ceremonies that are needed. I return from Non-Ordinary Reality and tell you what I am shown. Then I perform these ceremonies. 

I am often given messages, and I often work with those who have passed who wish to communicate with you, and I allow those words to come through. At times shown Medicine Words to use or Medicine Songs to sing, from Spirit. 

There are times when I have to communicate with Spirit that we are human, and sometimes I am shown many ceremonies that need to be broken up in more sessions. I am a firm believer in gentleness and I deeply honor where a person is at the time they come to me for healing. I have experienced "healing crises" personally, and I prefer to avoid them unless it is for the Highest Good. Sometimes it's a powerful healing crisis that moves us through equally powerful obstacles. 

At the close of a session, I will read a Medicine Card to you that I choose (via Spirit) before your arrival. I ensure you are grounded for your trip home. Sometimes I might take clients out to touch a tree while I help you move through a short meditation. 

After, I record my voice in a synopsis of the session and send it to you via email. I then follow up with every client the next day to ensure the integration is going well. If it feels off, I check in and tweak anything that needs to be addressed, but this is only needed on a rare occasion.  

It is imperative that each client feels safe and held in a space of Unconditional Love.