Wound Work


Working with our woundedness

A Wound is a particular block in your life, usually created by a series of experiences that in turn create patterns that have the potential to stand in our way to living life to the fullest. Wounds can be ancestral or created in childhood. Wounds can also be formed from previous lives.

A Wound can be, for example, difficulty in speaking up, not feeling "good enough" or having a fear of success, fear of rejection, or fear of abandonment. A symptom of a Wound could be anorexia nervosa, stemming from a belief that one should be invisible, or that one is "undeserving" of sustenance, or needing to be "perfect." Another symptom might be self-destructive behaviors that result in job loss, loss of friends or partners.

Wound Work is extremely powerful and can create abundance in our lives where there once was lack. It is typically done in session in combination with other ceremonies such as Soul Retrieval or Compassionate Depossession