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Tina D'Amore

Shamanic Healer and Teacher


Tina D'Amore, Shamanic Practitioner

Tina is a well-respected Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher, Animal Whisperer, and Sound Healer. She brings her own healing journey full-circle to help others towards wholeness and healing.

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What is Shamanic Healing?


Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing addresses the spiritual aspects of dis-ease. Dis-ease, in this sense, does not have to be a physical illness. Dis-ease can show up in many forms, however this state can serve to teach you what is not working in your life. Coming from this place, we can shift the obstacles that are the root of being not at ease.  Our souls and bodies know the way to our own joy, so what is causing dis-ease in your life is often a great teacher to what lies in store for you in a more expansive version of you. Through working with my Helping Spirits, the root of an issue can be "released" or "shifted" in the Spirit World, which then carries over in to the denser frequencies of mind, emotions and physicality. 


we are connected to everything - yet we live in disconnect

The Web of Life lives and breathes through us, as well as through everything that exists outside of us. The person halfway across the world speaking another language that is strange to your ears... the rainforest, the water in the ocean, animals in the woods, the wind over your house, Mother Earth beating under your feet are all a part of you - and you a part of them. To quote a personal Teacher and Yogi, "We are more than we THINK we are." 

It is my experience that the root of modern dis-ease is rooted in the disconnect we have within ourselves, each other and with the Earth. Shamanic healing serves as the catalyst in that reconnection.

Healing the Spirit can get us "unstuck" from our present perceptions and situations to bring balance to the physical body, the mind and the emotional presence of ourselves. If there is an imbalance, it is understood in shamanism that the root cause can be alleviated by performing healing in the spiritual dimension. When this is done, there is a domino effect - the emotions, mind and body are "singing together" again.  With a sense of oneness and an open heart, there can be a remarkable quickening of the healing process and in turn, a shifting of your life.

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Services and Ceremonies


Divination Journey

A Divination Journey is performed by the practitioner on behalf of the recipient to access the ancient wisdom of the Helping Spirits to give guidance.


Power Animal Retrieval

A Power Animal is a Helping Spirit that shows up in a specific animal form in order to empower us from within. People of all cultures around the world have worked with Power Animals for thousands of years. 


Shamanic Extraction & Cleansing Work

An intrusion is energy that does not belong and becomes "stuck" in our energetic bodies. This occurs in people, animals, trees, bodies of land, water or other life forms.


Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is an ancient method of healing that ancient cultures around the world implemented immediately after a trauma. Our Ancestors quickly recognized a phenomena called Soul Loss as it happened before them. It was just common knowledge that during a physical or emotional trauma, the spirit would be affected too, and a healing would be done as quickly as possible to restore wholeness to one's spirit to prevent further damage.


Healing Ancestral wounding

Many health issues can be traced back to events and traumas going back generations. This is proven through the study of epigenetics. Through working with my Helping Spirits, I am able to access the points in your family line that need to be healed. This is especially healing for post-traumatic stress response, feelings of unforgiveness, and unhealed family relationships. The results are astounding!


Curse Unraveling

Curses can effect financial issues, stuck relationship patterns, a pattern of accidents, career issues, health issues, and general "bad luck." The good news is that curses can be unraveled, and with very positive results. 


Wound Work

A Wound is a particular block in your life, usually created by a series of experiences that can create patterns that stand in our way to living life to the fullest. A Wound can be, for example, difficulty communicating clearly, needing to feel superior because of feelings of inferiority, fear of success or a belief that one does not deserve good things to happen. We can carry Wounds from events in this life or other lifetimes.


compassionate depossession

As humans, we can at times become vulnerable to the energies of those who have previously inhabited bodies or those who have never inhabited bodies. Symptoms that surface because of this issue can look like: depression, suicidal ideations, feeling lost, not embodied, feeling "not like oneself," intrusive thoughts or emotions, emotional dysregulation, recurrent nightmares around similar themes, supernatural activity, relationship instability. 


Land Ceremony

Mother Earth holds much memory in her soil and in every stone. Our Ancestors knew this and respected Her. In recent years, humans have lived in a disconnected way with the Earth. Land Ceremony creates an experience in which the Spirits of the Land are heard and honored. The Spirits are listened to and a bridge is made. 


Animal Whispering

Animal Whispering can be deeply healing for an animal, who may be suffering because s/he cannot communicate with the owner verbally as humans do. Along with bringing your pet gentle healing through my hands (if the healing is in person), I facilitate a shamanic journey to speak with your pet, then perform a healing to mend the root cause of the issue (which can be done through long-distance healing). The healing energy is passed to your pet and the messages received are then conveyed to you. I often do long-distance healing for many furry clients living in other areas of the country.




Clearing & Blessing Houses, Offices and Buildings 

When traumatic events occur in a building, the energy of the event can stay in an area until it is cleared by holding Ceremony. When Ceremony is held, energy is cleared and spirits are shown how to cross into peace.


Long distance healing

Long Distance Healing sessions are available via phone or video. This is extremely convenient for my clients who live out-of-state or out-of-country. It is also very helpful for clients who are too ill for travel. The wonderful aspect regarding shamanic healing is that Spirit does not recognize time or space, so the result and benefit are the same as an in-person session.