Teaching is my passion

As a former schoolteacher, I have been shaped by years of intense training and classroom experiences. Looking back, I feel this prepared me in many ways to teach shamanism, although in the mid-90's I would have never imagined that I'd eventually be teaching in this capacity. After practicing shamanism and advanced shamanic healing techniques for the past decade, I feel that the past 20+ years combined experiences have dovetailed nicely. These years have supplied me with skills to bring forth sacred teachings that I have learned through my teachers and mentors, my own personal experiences as well as teachings of my beloved Helping Spirits. 

My workshops are thoughtfully planned out, energetically prepared and held in a safe container. Typically, when I open Circle, I lay out what is appropriate practice and conduct for students in Circle so we can safely co-create a cohesive Circle together for the benefit for all present, which includes students and Spirit. After calling in the Directions and aligning with the Spirits, I allow for the Helping Spirits of the students present to direct students’ personal teachings through their shamanic journey work. My facilitation consists of the structure in how to navigate the shamanic worlds in a safe and effective manner, while giving occasional feedback as well as energetically holding the space of the Circle. As I allow the divine wisdom and love of students' Helping Spirits to lead the way, I am humbled and honored to hold space for each student and the myriad of Helping Spirits that show up during this process.

If you would like to discover the beautiful practice of shamanism and its powerful tools that can help many move through life's joys and challenges, please register for these Intro workshops. These workshops will give you a basic foundation and understanding of what shamanism is and why we need it in the 21st Century.

For more advanced learning, I refer my students to one of my own gifted teachers, Dory Cote, who is beginning her Apprenticeship in April 2019.