Terms & Policies



MEDICAL and other concerns:

Shamanic healing is not meant to replace or be substituted for qualified medical, therapeutic or other professional therapy or advice. It is meant to service the spiritual aspects of health and wellness and works best in conjunction with seeing and following the directions of your healthcare providers.

No claim to diagnose, treat, prescribe or cure any disease, ailment or otherwise provide mental, physical or behavioral health is guaranteed, promised or implied by Tina D’Amore or 3 Crows Healing. The Healing Sessions and/or education provided do not constitute a guarantee, promise or warrantee of any result, outcome or healing of any group or individual. Tina D’Amore, Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher, owner of 3 Crows Healing, provides a holistic and spiritual healing service and is not a medical facility.

Tina D’Amore and 3 Crows Healing values the importance of medical diagnostics and communication between all modalities in order to best serve students and clients. Thus, if you have a medical or mental health condition or diagnosis, it is important that you communicate with the appropriate medical professional for treatment. In a case of emergency, you are best advised to contact your doctor, behavioral health provider or local emergency department. It is advised that you continue any treatment or medicine you are already receiving from other modalities and practitioners/providers per usual. Do not discontinue or alter treatment or medications without first consulting your medical doctor or psychiatrist, if applicable. The methods used in Shamanic Healing are not contraindicated by other modalities, medical or behavioral health treatment.